Make your festival more exciting with Holi special food items on the list

Make your festival more exciting with Holi special food items on the list
Make your festival more exciting with Holi special food items on the list

India is a land of diversity and richness. Every festival has its own meaning and significance. Holi is one of the most colorful festivals to exist in the whole world. It needs to be celebrated with added excitement every year. Therefore, here we are with the list of Holi festival food items that are both lip-smacking and utterly healthy. 

Give your loved ones a nice, tasty Holi treat with a special variety of food items. Indulge in complete celebration and live life more zestfully. Add sweet savouries and Plant-based food items to the menu to treat your guests better. Prepare the regular Holi items like malpua gujia, bhang and thandai without fail. Let your loved ones and really really feel that they are being taken care of. Pick up healthy soya-based food items online to enhance the fun level of the festival and also beat hunger in the best way possible. Let us dig out deeper into what all we can include in the Holi bucket list- These Holi special food is best choice in this Holi.

● Gujia

Gujiya is very special food item in Holi

Without any further delay, the first thing that you should prepare as a part of the festivity is the fresh cashew and nut filled gujiyas. The nutty flavor of this recipe is something out of the world. Make sure that you use pure Desi ghee instead of any other medium to fry. Dip the gujia in special sugar syrup for added sweetness and flavor. Decorate it with kesar and serve warm.

● Malpua

mawa-malpua is best holi food items

Another very exotic Holi festival food item is Malpua. The yummy sweet treat is prepared using flour, sugar syrup and oil. The traditional Holi dessert has a very nice taste that takes us back to those golden days of our grandparents. The Age-old recipe never fails to make both adults and children happy. It can tremendously satisfy the craving of having something sweet during this joyful festive season.

● Thandai

Thandai is specil drink in holi

The list of Holi items is simply complete with this amazing beverage. Prepare it using milk and assorted spices to feel refreshed thoroughly. If you have been playing Holi underneath the sun, this beverage is definitely going to give you a lot more power to continue. The blend of curd, milk and spices wins hearts and brings joy everywhere. It Would not be wrong to say that Thandai represents the festival of Holi itself

● Plant Based Grilled Juicy Tikki

Vezlay Plant Based Grill Juicy Tikki for holi special

The Plant-based tikki from Vezlay is one of a kind that is heavenly good. It is one of the healthiest food items that you can include as a part of the holi Bucket list. The Indian festival does demand you to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Choose the ready-made soya tikki from the brand and help your tummy remain satisfied for longer time periods. The nice, chewy texture also works best for your nonvegetarian friends. It has soybeans, which are suitable for every purpose. It provides plenty of nutrients and also enables longer hours of detachment from hunger.

● Soya Nuggets

Vezlay Soya Nuggets special food in holi-festival

Vezlay soya nuggets are the best options to be consumed with thandai. Prepare them fresh at home in minutes and serve your guests piping hot. The holi celebrations become all the more exotic when there are such delicious items present in the menu. The plant-based savory is absolutely vegetarian and does not need you to compromise on your festive beliefs. It can be customized according to your choices and served immediately after unpacking and minimal cooking.

● Soya Chop Stick

Vezlay Soya ChopStick is best snacks in Holi

Add soya chop sticks to the Holi festive food items and enjoy them crispy and hot. The innovative food item is a blend of spices and soya. The cruelty-free meat replica can be chosen along with any beverage. The ultimate mock meat needs just a few minutes for preparation. It can be served with mint Chutney and onion rings depending on what you personally prefer. Make sure that you keep your oil hot and deep-fried before consumption.

You can consume so many Vezlay Food products which are tasty and health food products. The best benefits of Vezlay Food  products are there are so many products which ready to eat. Now you don’t need to give too much time in kitchen to make tasty food while Holi. You can find there Vezlay Veg Chicken, Vezlay Veg Meat, Vezlay Soya Chaap and so many Vegan and Plant based food products. 

You can quickly pick any one particular above-mentioned Holi item or prepare the full list depending on the level of your celebration. Treat your guests with these recipes, and they would not take a second to appreciate you. The festival of love, joy and color represents Justice and goodness. The epitome of merriment, Holi is Best celebrated with a combination of colors, good food and drinks clubbed together. Enjoy the lovely festival with vibrant colors, and invite as many guests as possible this year. Vezlay gives you the choice to prepare the best recipes in a matter of minutes so that you do not have to think twice when it comes to organizing festive get-togethers. Revive your childhood memories by indulging in the crispy desserts and healthy plant based recipes.